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Marketing System

Marketing System

    Sunrise's sales and manufacturing resources have been strategically deployed globally, giving us a significant presence in both established and emerging markets. Our global presence has ensured that we are always available to meet the needs of our distributors and customers around the world.


    Sunrise's after-sales engineers provide timely assistance through telephone support, online diagnostics, remote monitoring and on-site repairs. As a system integrator, we have extensive industry experience to provide you with fast and efficient solutions. After-sales engineers receive your messages 24 hours a day through the global service network, provide you with on-site service according to your needs, and provide you with all necessary spare parts.



    Sunrise enjoys a certain popularity at home and abroad and sells to overseas markets such as USA, Mexico, Hungary, India, Japan, etc. The strategic goal of enterprise management is to become the leader of domestic light weight aluminum alloy industry.

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